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Self esteem is confidence in one’s own worth or abilities, self respect. “People with high self-esteem feel good about them self; they value their own opinions and ideas,” explains Dr. Susan Pazak, a Licensed Psychologist in Southern California. Their behavior and appearance reflect the positive value they have in themselves.

On the other hand, people with low self-esteem put little value in their own opinions and ideas. Not enough value in them self and too much emphasis on the opinions of others results in negative feelings that show up in how they present to the world.

Think about someone with high self-esteem. Think about someone with low self-esteem. The difference is usually apparent. People with good self-esteem usually hold themselves in high regard by taking care of their needs first. People may say that this way of being is selfish. If our needs are not met, we will not be able to provide for others including significant others, children, family members, and others.

Dr. Pazak recommends the following ways to improve your self-esteem.

Daily exercise can provide positive feelings both physically and emotionally which in turn you will hold your head a little higher and stand a little taller and have an overall sense of higher self-esteem.
Set limits and boundaries with others. Know your limits. Don’t say yes, when you want to say no and no means no. Stay firm.
Please yourself, not other people. In other words, avoid people pleasing behaviors. You will only resent yourself and become angry in the end. For example, If you are on a modifying your food intake and you go to someone’s house and they say “have a piece of cake I just made it”, you say “no thank you” they say “you can’t say no, I insist”, you must say again “no thank you”. If the person appears agitated you might say, “I’m sorry I have upset you, but I do not want any cake today, thank you again”. If this person or any other person in your life does not respect your no answer, they do not respect you, therefore you will have to limit your interactions with them or you may want to reconsider the relationship and analyze the benefits that you are getting from the friendship.
Spend time with people who appreciate you and who show their appreciation by words and actions.
Make a list of ten things that you have accomplished so far this year. Take time to focus on your positive progress.
Be aware of negative self-talk and negative thoughts. Erase all negative statements that you say about yourself. Also address negative statements that you say about others or others say about your. Change any negative statements to positives “I can’t” will be replaced with “I can”, “I will never” will be replaced with “I will”
Meditate on positive messages daily. “I am worthy”, “I am a good person”, “I am healthy”. Even if you do not believe yourself at first, fake it until you make it!
Do what you want to do! Stop making excuses. Make firm decisions and follow-through. Be true to yourself.

Many people do not reach their goals due to low levels of self-esteem. People with lower levels of self-esteem have negative thoughts about themselves that leads to sabotaging progress toward goals. You are deserving of achieving all that you want and desire in your life! Improve your relationship with yourself today. You are worth it!

Dr. Susan Pazak, PhD is a licensed psychologist and consulting professional at Nsight Psychology and Addiction in Newport Beach, California.

“Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin as self-neglecting” William Shakespeare

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