Cindy Burlingame, LMFT

Picture of Cindy Burlingame, Nsight therapist

Cindy Burlingame, LMFT

Cindy Burlingame is a Marriage and Family Therapist with experience across many spectrums.  Cindy graduated from Park University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Psychology.  She went on to graduate from Vanguard University in 2016 with a Master’s of Science degree in Clinical Psychology.

Cindy started her clinical training at Hope University Counseling Center. While there, she worked with many couples and individuals who were struggling with marital stress, identity and self-esteem issues, pornography addiction, and sexual trauma.  She continued her training after graduation at a private practice. At the same time, she worked at a psychiatric hospital outpatient program. Cindy gained experience working with many severe issues such as Schizophrenia, Major Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder.

Cindy comes to NSight Psychology and Addiction with many years of life experience.  Being a therapist is a second career for Cindy. She brings the warmth and wisdom of one who understands the life struggles one may be experiencing. As the Primary Therapist at the Nsight Psychiatric Crisis Stabilization Facility, Cindy’s primary focus is helping the client to begin their journey of stabilization and healing.  She works with the client, creating a safe space for the client to explore those experiences and put them in the past where they belong and move on in life.

Cindy’s qualities include honesty, integrity and dedication.  She takes an attachment and goal-oriented approach to therapy. Her insight into those who enter into therapy with her helps to develop a strong therapeutic relationship where healing can occur.  Cindy’s passion is to challenge her clients to see beyond what they believe is possible.