Will Trauma Therapy Help

How Will Trauma Therapy Help Me

I didn’t come this far too only come this far!

When I first heard this I paused to reflect on what was just said as it was one of those moments that changed my perspective on where I am.

Everybody experiences emotional pain and distress that results from unfortunate circumstances in life.  Many wonder, “How will trauma therapy help me?” The question is, did the individual come this far in life, where the traumatic event occurred, in order to have their life stop there? For those who have experienced or been exposed to traumatic events, a return to previous level of functioning can appear non-existent.  Many give up. Some report too much anxiety to engage in psychotherapy due to fear that surrounds reflection on traumatic events of the past.  Others will engage in some method of coping, sometimes productive and often times self-destructive.  Too often we do not recognize the self-destructive nature of some coping skills. That is, until new problems arise.  While not always true it can be seen in use of substances to manage mood, poor relationship choices, self-harm, blame, and criticism.  Did I come this far to only come this far?

Shouldn’t there more for me than this?

Consider the following:

  • Refection on past events in an effort to overcome them should never be as painful as the situation itself. Utilization of trauma focused psychotherapy to heal the past in an effective tool to reduce the emotional power the traumatic event.
  • Remember to overcome difficulties will require growth, vulnerability, and temporary pain but not as much pain as remaining stuck.
  • Focus on where you want to go and set high expectations. An initial goal of treatment may be to return to your previous level of functioning, before the trauma. To grow past that asserts your control over life’s situations instead of being controlled by them which is an essential part of recovery.

Gerald J. Grosso, PsyD, LMFT
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