Faith & Open Mindedness

Many assert that “faith comes from hearing not from having heard” which is a spiritual belief. Yet, it leads to questions like “What does it mean and how does it apply in my life?   In a similar sense, questioning the benefit of psychotherapy and how it works may be just as relevant.

In the same context “hearing” and open mindedness are both actions occur in the present not the past.  The focus is on what is happening not something that happened. The process of psychotherapy like physical therapy is something that evolves with effort and time to overcome injury and stimulate new growth.

Consider the following steps when pursuing growth through psychotherapy:

  • Keep an open mind, willingness to see things from a different perspective improves clarity. Do I see heads or tails, or do I see a coin?
  • Hearing is not a one-time event, keep it in the present not the past.
  • Remain patient, learning that brings about change is a process. There at types of bamboo trees that take years of nurturance and show no visible signs of growth and will then grow over 40 feet in just a few weeks.

Jerry Grosso, PsyD., LMFT – Dr. Gerald “Jerry” Grosso is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 20 years of experience assisting individuals and families struggling with addiction, depression and trauma.