What is Emotional Health

So, what is emotional health anyway?

Hey guys, this is Dr. Jerry Grosso from Nsight Psychology & Addiction in Newport Beach, California. I’m the clinical director there. This week, I’ve been out visiting different treatment centers throughout the United States. It gives me an opportunity to talk to other clinicians and treatment teams about themes that they’re seeing in treatment. Like what people might be presenting with, as well as different treatment interventions and clinical approaches that others take to treatment. It’s really a great way for me to get an opportunity to talk to other programs. Those that I saw this week happened to be residential treatment programs, so they’re for people that may not need the intensity of services like hospitalization but need a longer term treatment. As you guys know, or you may not know, but at Nsight, where I’m the clinical director, we provide treatment for mental health issues, primarily mood disorders, like depression, bipolar, or people that struggle with anxiety. Really a lot of the issues that they struggle with happen to be trauma, so very much trauma related issues. Anyways, I’ve been out traveling. I’ve been talking to different clinical teams. There has been a lot of emphasis on mental health and mental illness, so I wanted you guys to really think about something in addition too…and that’s emotional health.

Think about it like if I have a physical injury. If I break a bone, I end up in the emergency room. I may need to go see a specialist, like an orthopedist to do surgery and fix that. Then there’ll be a rehab process where I’m going to physical therapy and rehabilitation, where they’re trying to get me to be able to walk correctly again. Ultimately, my goal is not just to recover and struggle with an injury or an illness. My goal is to get to health. To be able to get beyond where I was before. Maybe I end up stronger than I was before. I wanted to bring this in context with mental health as well. We talk about mental health/mental illness, but what is emotional health?

Three things that kind of stuck out for me today and I just wanted to share them real quick. Always focus on emotional health. I’ll do other videos later that can define this in more detail, but let’s kind of think about it like this. One would be, how good am I at identifying what it is that I feel? What it is that is going on with me? It’s very important that I’m paying attention to my environment. If it’s kind of a gray, drizzly day where I’m at, if my mood is kind of low, I need to look at it okay, instead of just trying to dismiss it and get rid of the mood, I mean, that’s one option. I might want to look at why is it that I feel a certain way? Is it the weather that’s causing it or do I have other emotional stressors that are going on that are causing me to struggle? Once I identify it, I want to be able to verbalize it at least to myself, internally, but maybe also to those that are close to me. It’ll be my support system, being able to talk to them and say hey, you know what? I’m struggling today. I need a little bit of support. Just that, getting the acknowledgement from someone else could help me maybe move beyond it. I may also at this point start to look at okay, what can I do to change my situation?

When we talk about emotional health, one I need to identify and acknowledge what my feelings are. Two, I would need to be able to communicate and share with others. I got to look for a support system.
The third thing is I now got to think about, and we hear this all the time in mental health treatment, would be coping skills. How am I going to manage that? Remember, coping skills don’t have to be something that’s dealing with something negative. It could also be something very positive. I might look at what are certain activities I can engage in? Maybe journaling. I just want to write down my thoughts. I could think about my goals, my future and things I want to accomplish. Maybe I engage in physical activity, certain things that will help to improve my mood and make me just feel healthier. My intention with these videos is to help you guys just with normal things that happen every day that may have been stigmatized as we don’t talk about those things. We don’t discuss mental health. We hear just get over it and so forth. I want to start to expand this. That this isn’t just about mental illness and mental health, but it’s about overall emotional health. How do I live a happy and healthy life?

If you have questions for us, please send them to info@nsightrecovery.com. If you like these videos, please give us a like and share them with others. The more that we can get this message out and get feedback from other people, like they could tell us hey, these are some concerns that I have or struggles that I’m dealing with, I’d be more than happy to address this stuff for you. Again, my goal is to help you guys live a healthier, more fulfilling life, and part of it is let’s get rid of the stigma that comes with mental health or mental illness. Let’s address it, let’s recover from it, and overcome difficulties, whether it’s depression, anxiety, history of trauma, and so forth so I can move on to a happy, healthy life and focus on emotional health. Until I see you next time, this is Dr. Jerry Gross from Nsight Psychology & Addiction in Newport Beach, California. Until next time, you guys, have a terrific day.

Dr. Jerry Grosso

Dr. Gerald “Jerry” Grosso is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 20 years of experience assisting individuals and families struggling with addiction, depression and trauma. He obtained his Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology from San Diego State University before enrolling in Chapman University where he acquired a Master of Arts degree in Psychology.  Dr. Grosso continued his education and received a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology with a Specialty in treating Chemical Dependency. He holds a professional membership with the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT).

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