Depression Male Client

Depression as an emotional issue can be considered “the common cold of mental illness” as everyone is likely to experience depression to a certain degree sometime in their life. While it may be uncomfortable to acknowledge it is not a negative reflection of the individual rather recognition of a transitional emotional state.

Recognizing how sadness and anger in response to life events may transition into depression if not addressed is the beginning to improving ones mood. Many professionals practicing Psychiatry and Psychology often observe depression as “anger turned inward” which may arise from cognitive distortions in response to life experiences.

Symptoms of low mood, lack of enjoyment in activities, decreased motivation, changes in appetite and sleep, poor self esteem, along with poor concentration are all symptoms that accompany depression. Unfortunately a lack of support system and under developed coping skills to manage depression can result in maladaptive patters of coping such as alcoholism and drug addiction. Use of alcohol, drugs, or self destructive behavior can produce and reinforce patterns of responding to stressors that are detrimental to an individual and their family. These patterns tend to grow over time without the knowledge of the harmful effects until they unfold.

“The dependence on alcohol and drugs in an effort to escape from feeling is detrimental as our feelings are there to bring attention to things in our environment that we need to be aware of” states Dr. Gerald Grosso Clinical Director of Nsight Psychology and Addiction in Newport Beach, California. Developing insight, the awareness between life events and the feelings and thoughts that accompany them is the beginning to understanding. With this understanding and the improvement of coping skills one can proactively choose their response to life circumstances and better control the outcome.

For those that are struggling with depression, alcoholism, or drug abuse seek information about treatment options. Consult with doctors, mental health professionals, and treatment centers as they are here to help. Depression and substance dependence can be overcome allowing for a future that holds the happiness and joy you desire.

Dr. Grosso serves as Clinical Director for NSIGHT Psychology and Addiction in Newport Beach California.

NSIGHT Psychology and Addiction is an emotionally focused treatment program that emphasizes the underlying mental health and emotional issues that precede and reinforce addiction in order to create lasting change.