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Nsight Psychology & Addiction


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Nsight Psychology & Addiction is a Joint Commission (formerly JCAHO) and CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) accredited and emotionally focused treatment program that emphasizes relationships to support lasting recovery.  Nsight utilizes a collaborative approach between mental health and addiction professionals in a therapeutic environment. Our strength-based approach helps individuals build competence and a foundation that supports relationships, emotional health, and happiness.

What We Treat

Nsight Psychology & Addiction is staffed with over 10 licensed professionals and 20 support staff.  Every group or individual therapy session is facilitated by a masters or doctorate level licensed therapist.  As a result, we are able to admit those with a primary mental health issue, substance abuse and/or a dual diagnosis.  Our team of licensed therapists and doctors specialize in substance abuse, trauma, PTSD, mood disorders, suicidal thoughts & ideation, compulsive behaviors, eating disorders, and family systems.

Most treatment centers in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and California can only bill insurance if substance abuse is the primary issue.  That means that unless the client is actively drinking or using drugs, they will not be able to get coverage through your insurance.  That creates an unfortunate situation for those who are truly struggling with depression, anxiety, bipolar, trauma, PTSD, or an eating disorder.

Nsight Psychology & Addition is different.  While many treatment centers say they work with dual diagnosis clients, they are unable to bill for primary mental health.  This may leave you asking, why they can’t bill for primary mental health.  The staffing requirements necessary to bill insurance for mental health is much different than if a treatment center is just providing substance abuse treatment.  It takes licensed therapists, psychiatrists, and doctors to provide the level of care that is required.


  Bipolar Disorder
  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD)
  Grief & Loss
  Adjustment Disorders
  Personality Disorders
  Family Conflict


  Marijuana Addiction
  Amphetamine Addiction
  Methamphetamine Addiction
  Cocaine Addiction
  Prescription Medication Addiction
  Benzodiazepine Addiction
  Opiate Addiction
  Xanax, Vicoden, Oxycontin Ambien
  Heroin Addiction
  Ecstasy, MDMA Addiction

Solution Focused Treatment

At Nsight Psychology & Addiction, our team of licensed therapists will work with you to resolve the problems that exacerbate addiction.   Underlying issues such as trauma, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders often continue to be a stumbling block until they are effectively resolved.  These underlying issues are often referred to as having a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder.

For some clients the mood disorder, trauma, PTSD, or eating disorder may be the primary or only issue.  The Nsight Psychology & Addiction team of licensed professionals is able to work with both primary mental health and substance abuse.

By focusing on resolving the problems rather than the symptoms, our team is able to help our clients start seeing results quickly and achieve success.

  Treatment Team Expertise
  Extensive Family Support
  Support Beyond Treatment
  Lasting Change

  Focus on the problem not the symptoms
  Individualized Care and Treatment
  Addiction & Mental Health Treatment
  Evidenced Based Traditional Therapies

Nsight Psychology & Addiction


Nsight Psychology and Addiction provides evidenced based emotionally focused treatment that is centered on the individual.


The treatment team at Nsight consists of over 10 masters and doctorate level licensed therapists and  2 Psychiatrists.


Nsight’s comprehensive approach is the starting point to a more fulfilling and healthier life.

Dual Accreditation

It is estimated that approximately 19.2 percent are accredited by the Joint Commission, 21.8 percent of facilities are accredited by CARF and 56.9 percent are not accredited by either.  More importantly, only 4% of the nation’s facilities seek and earn dual accreditation from both CARF and Joint Commission.  NSIGHT is proud to join this elite group of dually accredited facilities.

Joint Commission Gold Seal JCAHO
CARF Gold Seal

Treatment Options at Nsight Are Covered by Most Major Insurance Providers